So things seem to be returning to normal, or the new normal that appears to be the way we will need to operate going forward.

I am back from furlough, but still working from home. Carrie-ann has been holding the fort throughout the pandemic (also from home) and, although the factory was closed for 3 weeks, we used that time to bring some of our weavers back (socially distanced of course) and make sure we have plenty of stock for when things pick up again. After the initial 3 weeks, we also opened up to taking orders and despatching goods. Things are a little quieter than normal, but with a reduced workforce and other safety measures in place we have found we are able to keep up with demand.

A lot has changed, and we are not through this by any means, but we are here, our factory is open for business and we are able to manufacture and despatch screens so if you have any requirements please give us a call on 01902 632505.

We all have had, and will have, challenges to face, personally and in our business. There is sadness, loss, fear and a myriad of other emotions to contend with. Let’s be kind to one another, we never know what the other person is facing. If we can take some of the community spirit and kindness that has been shown throughout this pandemic, and weave it into our lives going forward, at least we will have taken something positive from this whole terrible event.

Stay safe, stay well, be kind.