Throughout the damper winter season our Declogging Rods have proven extremely popular. Many sites are telling us how pleased they are with the results and how they have helped keep them screening for longer.

One such customer decided to try fitting the rods down one side of his screen only. The results surprised even us. The pictures show a massive difference. The side which had the rods being slightly covered in product whilst the side without them is completely blinded over. Needless to say he has now placed an order with us for Declogging Rods to cover the other side of his screen.

He told us, “We have struggled continually with blinding over of the screens due to wet weather. We were sceptical of the product at first but after using them on one deck for a trial, they have proven to work well on the application and we are looking to purchase more” Matt McLean, Quarry Operations Manager.

These Declogging Rods are highly customisable and can be configured to cover any deck size, or even part of a deck if required.

Have a look at my earlier blog on this subject if you need more information or give us a call on 01902 632505 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Regards to all