Declogging rods

After a summer made for screening, with a long dry spell which helped the material flow readily through the mesh, we are now heading into Autumn. This season brings its problems, with damp product blinding over mesh and causing downtime whilst you clean it off.

You’ve switched from square woven to self cleaning and it’s helped the situation but you’re still blinding over more than you’d like. So what else can be done?

Our Polyurethane Declogging Rods may just be the answer.

These self assembly, 3 pronged rods are fixed together with pins and can be configured to cover all or part of your screenbox, depending on where the blinding is at its worst.  They trail over the top of your mesh, bouncing up and down with the vibration of the screen and knock off the product that is causing the issues. A bit like hitting it with a stick, but a lot kinder to the mesh and no necessity to stop the screening process to do it.

It’s not a cure all – nothing is, but customers tell me that it greatly reduces the amount of downtime they experience.

We have an information sheet that we will be happy to send to you. Just call us on 01902 632505 or email and we will get that in the post to you.

If you have any questions on the Declogging Rods, or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regards to all