I get a lot of questions about Self-Cleaning Mesh – how does it work, what can I use it for? Hopefully, I can clear up a few of those  questions in this blog.

Essentially, Self-Cleaning Mesh is a direct replacement for Square Woven mesh, if you are experiencing ‘blinding’ (build up of material which reduces throughput) or ‘pegging’ (stones or other material becoming wedged in the square aperture and blocking up the hole). While it doesn’t eliminate these problems entirely, it does significantly reduce the amount of downtime required clearing out the blocked mesh.

So how does it work? Square Woven Mesh is a much more rigid screen, whereas Self-Cleaning Mesh, with only having cross wires every so often to hold the aperture true, can vibrate much more effectively. This means the product that is ‘blinding’ or ‘pegging’ the screen effectively gets flicked off or dislodged keeping the screen cleaner for longer.

A common misconception is that they are the most efficient type of screen. This probably comes from the name 🙂 Piano Wire Screen, Elongated Woven Wire Screen or indeed Finger screens, allow for a greater open area so more throughput than either a Self Cleaning or Square Woven Mesh. So if you are using this type of screen and your product is clean enough for what you need, then you’re unlikely to benefit from using Self-Cleaning Mesh. However, if your end product doesn’t allow for contamination, and you are experiencing a lot of downtime cleaning out your existing square mesh, then a Self-Cleaning Screen may offer the best solution.

They are available either side or end tensioned to suit your plant and are commonly used on the smaller apertures, 12mm down (although larger apertures can be manufactured). If you have any questions, or would like costings then please call either myself or Carrie-ann on 01902 632505 or send us an email at sales@brimonn.co.uk. You can see more about this product at https://www.brimonn.co.uk/products/self-cleaning-wire-screen/

Thank you for reading this, and if you have any questions or problems you would like me to address in a blog, then please let me know.

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