Are you just buying from the machine manufacturer because it’s easy? Do you think no other company will know what size to make?

Brimonn has over 30 years experience in the industry and details of virtually every mobile screen out there.

In the early days the Extec 5000, 6000S and S3, the Powerscreen MK1, MK11,  Commander and Chieftain and Finlay Highway and  393 were the main  players, with a few offerings from Masterskreen, Keestrack,  Viper, Buccaneer, Fintec and Nordberg. Screen boxes were rarely bigger than 10’ x 5’ and many were 8’ x 4’ or smaller.  In the 1990’s heavy duty screening and scalping was mainly covered by the Finlay Hydragrid, Extec Robotrac and Powerscreen Powergrid.

There were also few Trommels – the main offerings being from Powerscreen, Finlay and Masterskreen.


Then everything started to gradually get bigger. Extec introduced their S5, Finlay the 683, which split the top deck into 3 equally sized side tensioned panels, and was the first I remember to have a larger top deck than bottom. Powerscreen joined the frey with their Chieftain 1400, which had a small panel at the impact point, and  Gipo came on the market with their 131, also incorporating a small panel at the feed point followed by side tensioned mats on both top and bottom decks – effectively splitting the larger screenbox into more manageable pieces.

In 2007 Sandvik brought out Extec and Fintec and started to manufacture new models incorporating the old model sizes into their designs. Terex owned the Powerscreen brand by this point, and for a while afterwards Finlay – although Molson have recently acquired the Finlay Group and distribution rights for the Finlay range of Mobile Screeners. McCloskey came onto the market having acquired Viper and are now well established  in the market place with mats for most of their screeners being interchangeable between models. Nordberg and Masterskreen became Metso and we also have Ultrascreen, Portafil, Maximus, Anaconda, Kleeman, Keestrack and many more.

Now I’m not claiming this information to be 100% correct. This is just my memory of how things have changed from when I started working with Brimonn in the early 1990’s to the present day, but the message is simple. We know Screens! We were the first company to hold stocks of mesh in the UK to allow customers to replace broken mats quickly, greatly reducing their downtime. We were the first to make the transition from stockholders to manufacturers in the UK, as the range of screens increased and it became impossible to hold readymade stock for everything, and we are the first choice today for all your screening surface requirements.

So call the office on 01902 632505 or email with any enquiry. We offer competitive prices, quick deliveries and of course, we know screens!

Regards to all,