Piano wire screens are always going to be the most efficient type of wire screen for sand or soil grading, assuming your end product allows for elongated items such as twigs or shards of glass or stone (if this is in the mix to start with). The wires ‘cut’ through the product giving greater throughput than other types of wire mats, although, by nature, they are a little more delicate so generally won’t last as long.

It may be that this life expectancy is just something you have to live with to get the end product you want, but there are a few things you could  try.

Increasing the wire diameter would be an option. Of course this will impact on throughput, but you don’t  have to change the whole screen. Generally speaking the mat at the feed/impact point will be the most likely to fail, so it is feasible to increase the wire diameter on this mat only, and leave any remaining mats towards the discharge end as they are. Increase slowly though. If you increase from say a 1mm wire to a 2mm wire for example, you may find that the material just sits on top of the wires and causes blinding, so it makes sense to increase in small increments and monitor life and throughput with each change.

A more substantial option would be Elongated Woven Mesh. These are generally made from heavier wire, and, rather than just having profiles to keep the aperture true, there are 3 cross wires every 100mm, so you get a much sturdier mesh. Essentially it is a Woven Mesh but with rectangular rather than square apertures. Again, throughput will be affected, but there is no reason why you cannot have a mix of Elongated and Piano Wires on the same deck if that suits.

Always consider what is on the deck above. If it is a large aperture then the wires below just don’t stand a chance and whilst it may work for a while, eventually something is going to come straight through at speed and break a wire. Consider reducing the aperture here too. Again, if your problem is just at the feed point, then reduce the aperture on the screen directly above, and leave the rest as they are. Of course larger product falling through onto a Piano Wire at any point can cause problems, it is more likely to break a wire if it has fallen from a greater height.

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