Punched Plate Screens are an ideal replacement for Woven Wire Mesh where noise pollution isn’t a problem and the Woven Mesh is just not coping with the weight of the product going over it.

They come in a variety of thicknesses, material types and aperture shapes and can be manufactured flat, hooked or rolled to suit your plant.

Generally speaking a round hole aperture is strongest, a square hole gives the most open area and hexagonal, which is the most common type supplied, is a sort of half way house between the two.

When switching from Woven Mesh to Plate it is important to remember that you will lose open area. As a rule of thumb we suggest a bridge (blank area between the holes) of about half of the aperture. So a 50mm aperture plate would have about 25mm blank area between them. This is in comparison to a 50mm aperture Woven Mesh which would have 10mm or even 8mm wire, so you can appreciate that throughput is going to be reduced somewhat. For this reason, many customers choose to install a punch plate at the feed point and have Woven Mesh along the remainder of the deck. Of course the bridge can be reduced or increased depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Feel free to give either Carrie-ann or myself in the sales office a call on 01902 632505 should you have questions or would like to discuss this at all. Alternatively you can email us at sales@brimonn.co.uk.

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