Declogging Rods

When a customer rang to order his 3rd set of these, I was concerned. I asked if the reason for his order was that they were wearing out quickly. He said that he had kept expecting to see them discarded around his yard but they keep going. He was running them on 3 mobile screens now and said the operators and fitters think they are good.

Ideally fitted over self cleaning screens with a wire diameter of 2.5mm or greater, they ‘bounce’ up and down with the vibration of the screen to help with blinding issues.

They are self assembly and you can cover the whole deck or just part of it. Just take off 710mm for the fixture then divide the length you want to cover by 370mm (the length of the 3 pronged rod) and that will tell you approximately how many you need. If the screen is 5′ or wider, you will probably need 2 rows or more. Of course we are happy to work this out for you, or provide any other information you need.

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