Slotted Mesh, in either Woven or Welded Mesh, can be really useful as we head into the damper season. It has a greater open area, which allows more product to pass helping to alleviate blinding products.

Of course, it won’t work for everyone. Having a slot rather than a square means elongated product could pass through, so if that would contaminate your product then they are not for you.

The Welded option can be made either fast or slow side up (that is to say the wire welded on top can either go across the flow, or with the flow). This either speeds the product up or slows it down as it is flowing over the mesh.

We keep rolls of various apertures of Slotted Woven in stock at our factory, so delivery on this is quite quick. Welded is a bespoke item so is made to order. This comes with a longer delivery but has the advantage of being highly customisable to suit your specific requirements.

Please contact us on 01902 632505 if you would like more information or a quotation.

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