Welded Wire mesh is often overlooked as a screening surface, but it has some useful properties.

Woven Wire Mesh, which is the most commonly fitted wire mesh, is the same whichever way up it is fitted, but this is not the case with Welded. If the cross wires are fitted on top (slow side up) it can have the effect of slowing down the material on the screen. Fitted with the cross wires underneath (fast side up) has the opposite effect. The wires on top running in the direction of the flow helps speed the product up. The video gives a fuller explanation of how this works.

As this is a bespoke item, and made to order, it has more variations on aperture. For example if you wanted a 12×35 mm aperture, or a 47×26 mm aperture, we could make them. Not commonly required, but if you need something a bit unusual, it is possible.

It is available in Mild or Stainless Steel (we offer Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316 grades). It can be manufactured with hooks or rawedge to suit your screening plant.

For more information, have a look at the video, and of course, you can always give either myself or Carrie-ann a call on 01902 632505 or email us at sales@brimonn.co.uk.